WordPress Used to be Easy

What has happened to WordPress? I have more than one account. I just tried to log in on my iPad and found I was directed to ‘upgrade’. This was at a cost, a range of costs, all listed in dollars not sterling. At the same time, WordPress couldn’t identify the actual account I wanted to log into, which was this one, not used for some while.

WordPress didn’t recognise my password or user name and when I tapped in my email address it forced me in the direction of another WordPress account. In something of a panic I activated the WordPress process for recovering an account only to be asked for ‘proof of ownership’ such as the link I’d been sent years ago when it was set up, which I couldn’t find. I went onto my desktop and found that I could log in with ease – to another old account that I didn’t want to use.

I can only assume WordPress wants to persuade us that if it makes our free services difficult to use we will pay for an upgrade. I am afraid it doesn’t work like that.

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